Kloud is pleased to confirm that Telstra has announced its intention to acquire the company.

Nicki Bowers, Managing Director, Kloud, said “Kloud and Telstra have been longstanding partners for many years so the potential for our people, our customers and partners was clear to see. We have watched and worked closely with Telstra in their move into ICT services and were keen to become a more integral part of it.”

In an announcement issued by Telstra today, it stated the acquisition would support Telstra’s objective of providing customers with market leading technology solutions.

Telstra Executive Director Global Enterprise and Services, Michelle Bendschneider, said “We are committed to helping Telstra customers increase agility, lower costs and increase their competitive advantage. Kloud’s expertise will make it even easier for our customers transition their workloads and applications to the cloud.”

Kloud customers will be notified about the acquisition in the coming weeks. There is expected to be minimal impact to the level of service they currently enjoy and in the majority of cases their account contacts will remain the same.

Telstra continues to grow Global Enterprise and Services, a division formed to drive Telstra’s global business for enterprise clients. The division brings together the product, services and go to market capabilities of its domestic and international business to drive long term growth with a strong focus on Asia.

Kloud has a strong brand in the Australian market and has been working in the Asia Pacific region, predominantly in Singapore. It has 150 employees across Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Manila.

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