Why We Recruit
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In a growing consultancy one thing is a constant– the need to identify good, strong talent to join the team to fulfil growing client and customer needs. A consultancy is only as good as the people providing those services to their customers.

Recruiting for an organisation directly, as opposed to recruiting through an agency, has many advantages for the person doing the recruiting (thank goodness says Kloud’s People and Culture team), but it also has advantages for the consultant coming into the business. It means the recruiter who starts the conversation with you really, really knows what it is to work in that business and if you will be right to work there. It results in a better experience both for the organisation you are recruited to and for you, as the consultant.

Having a consultancy that is populated by, what I truly believe to be, the best and the brightest is a tough row to hoe. Carrying a lean bench is a blessing and a curse. When we win new business, we need to have a ready supply of consultants waiting in the wings to join the Kloudie ranks. So if you already have the brightest and best working for you – what is the next step?

The way we like to recruit at Kloud, ideally, is to have an introduction to a new candidate through our existing consultants’ networks. In an ideal world, a consultant will recommend someone who they have worked with and respect, who they know is technically brilliant and who they think will be valued and find value in joining an organisation like Kloud… but it’s good to have a backup plan just in case. As a result, our People and Culture team also reach out through mediums like forums, LinkedIn, blogs, user groups and other networking events to identify new and talented consultants to join our teams.

We recruit to keep fresh ideas in the team, to invite innovators into our ranks, to keep up with the latest technologies and to ensure our customer needs are met.

As the fastest growing Cloud consultancy in Australia – we need to do this a lot.

When we recruit – we take it seriously. We make considered decisions. It isn’t just about being technically brilliant. That’s a given. It’s ensuring a holistic fit for both parties.

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