According to De La Soul three is the Magic Number, so here’s the third post on the new Azure SQL Database features released over the last couple of months.

Previously I looked at Dynamic Data Masking and Auditing, both features that deliver Azure-specific functionality (or that rely on Azure features). This post will cover Row-Level Security (RLS) which would be familiar to many on-prem SQL Server admins and until this release was a feature missing from Azure SQL Database.

As with my previous posts I’m going to work with the AdventureWorks sample database that I have loaded into Azure SQL Database.

Note that I’m not looking to take a “best practices” approach here to how I implement policies and permissions – that’s why you can read MSDN or other SQL Server specific blogs :).

Testing it out

The remainder of this post is mostly going to be SQL…

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  1. […] DDM, I already blogged about RLS earlier in the year so I’m not going into detail […]


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