Proactive DNS Record Checking in Office 365
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​Microsoft has released a new feature for Office 365.  It can automatically detects if DNS records are misconfigured for a custom domain.  This is a useful feature when you are setting up a new custom domain for an Office 365 tenant.  It also helps when Microsoft updates the Office 365 service in a way that requires DNS changes.

When Office 365 detects that DNS is misconfigured, an alert is generated in the Office 365 admin center.  The message indicated which record needs to be updated in DNS.  An administrator can log into the website for the DNS provider and manually update the record.  There is an integration between Office 365 and GoDaddy which can make this process easier.  If the domain is hosted with GoDaddy, there is the option to log into GoDaddy from the Office 365 admin cetner and automatically update the records.  This makes it simpler to keep DNS up to date which can be a benefit to Office 365 administrators who are not comfortable making DNS record changes.

One the required records are update in DNS, the alert in the Office 365 admin center will be cleared.  This lets the administrator know that the changes in DNS were successful.  This feature helps to simplify the Office 365 admin experience and reduce the number of outages related to DNS configuration.

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