Mobility is a pervasive trend across different industries.  Companies are investing in mobile technologies to increase employee productivity and connect with customers.  I wanted to blog about some of the business benefits of corporate mobile apps.  There are a number of scenarios where enterprises are delivering clear business benefits with mobile apps:

  1. Gathering customer data
  2. Connect with customers and internal staff
  3. Bar code scanning with a mobile phone camera
  4. Assigning tasks to field workers


There are some of the industries where Kloud is helping to build mobile apps for the enterprise:

1. Retail

2. Mining and Resources

3. Utilities

4. Construction

5. Professional Services


Here are some characteristics of a modern mobile application:

  1. Responsive UI which allows the app to run on different screen sizes
  2. Touch ready
  3. Cross platform compatible with different form factors and devices (i.e. iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, etc.)
  4. Offline access



Kloud is offering a promotion for which we will create a mock up of your application at no cost.  This is to demonstrate how your application will look and function.  If you like what we build for you, we can continue help you complete the app and deploy it to your corporate owned and employee owned BYO devices.

If you are interested in exploring the benefits and the options for creating a mobile application for your organization, contact Kloud Solutions at the following URL:

Application Development and Integration, Mobile, User Experience

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